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World Behind the Mirror
General Information
Character Affiliations
  • Dragon
  • Emma Swan (formerly)
  • Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass (formerly)
  • Regina Mills (formerly)
Show Information
First mentioned: "Breaking Glass"
Appears in: "I'll Be Your Mirror"

The World Behind the Mirror is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the eighth episode of the sixth season.


For history of the World Behind the Mirror, see here.


  • The World Behind the Mirror is featured in the title card for "I'll Be Your Mirror".
  • Speaking through mirrors of this world is impossible, unless a mirror is enchanted to allow it.
  • Some magic mirors are not portals to the World Behind the Mirror, but to Wonderland.
  • The hand-held mirror that the Evil Queen uses to trap Emma and Regina, is the same mirror that the genie kept with him inside his lamp in "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", and where he got trapped after making his final wish in the same episode.
  • The mirror that Regina finds in Sidney's nest is the World Behind the Mirror version of the mirror that he first appeared in, in "The Thing You Love Most", and where she trapped him in "A Tale of Two Sisters".
  • One of the mirrors in the World Behind the Mirror is the same prop that was used for the mirror that Zelena looks into in the Dark Castle in "It's Not Easy Being Green", and Zelena's mirror in Oz in "Our Decay" and "Ruby Slippers". It is best seen in the shot where Regina says, "There is no way out", where the mirror can be seen behind her.