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  • Traveling between worlds
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First appearance: "Pilot"
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World-crossing, also known as Portal Jumping in some cases, is a magical type of travelling featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.

World-crossing is possible via many ways. This article lists all cases of world-crossing from magic bean portals to a mermaid's ability to swim from a world to another.

Known Ways to Cross WorldsEdit

Between Magical Worlds OnlyEdit

Some methods are limited only to travel between magical worlds. However, travel to worlds without strong natural magic (such as the Land Without Magic) is possible if the location has strong magic (i.e. Storybrooke).

Between Magical and Non-Magical WorldsEdit

Some methods can be accomplished regardless of whether the location is a magical world or a world without strong natural magic.

Between the Afterlife and the Mortal WorldsEdit

Some methods allow travel

  • Ale of Seonaidh (a soul from the Underworld to another world for a short period)
  • Fiery Cave (from the Underworld to a "Worse Place" or Mount Olympus)
  • Furies ability (from the Underworld to wherever and back)
  • Sleeping Curse (sends victim's soul to the Netherworld)
  • Summoning Ceremony (a soul from the Underworld to any world)
  • Underworld portal combined with blood of someone who has come back to life (to the Underworld or back)

List of World-crossingsEdit

S Ep Portal From To Who Reason