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William Theroux
William Theroux
Land Without Magic Character
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Arthur Pendragon
Status: Alive
Home: Storybrooke Back Alleyway
Affiliation: Hero
Occupation: Drug Addict

Student (formerly)

Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Current Allies:
Current allies:
  • Morgane Morrison
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
  • Dominic
Show Information
Portrayed by: Max Theiriot
First appearance: "Pilot"

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William Theroux is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the second episode of the first season. He is portrayed by guest cast member Max Theiriot, and is the Storybrooke counterpart of Arthur Pendragon.


For events occurring before the curse, see Arthur Pendragon.

During First Curse

Initially a student at the local school, after the death of his parents, William's life was turned upside down. He began to hang out with the wrong kinds of people - thugs, delinquents, drug users - and was kicked out of school for his failing grades and drugs abuse.

His brother-in-law, Dominic Morrison, refuses to house him - despite Morgane's protests - until he has conquered his drugs habit and kicks him out.

Now living on the streets, William is abandoned by the people at school who claimed to he his 'friends', becomes addicted to the drugs he began taking at school and resorts to stealing money from Regina or Granny's diner and drugs from the pharmacy to fund his habit. (Welcome to Storybrooke)

Now on his own, William moves from alleyway to alleyway in order to find a place to live; Mr. Gold and his wife, Isabella, take pity on William shortly before Emma Swan's arrival in Storybrooke and allow him to reside in the alleyway beside Mr. Gold's mansion, where he is often visited by his half-sister, Morgane Morrison.

Holding an apple from a bin in one hand one morning, he greets Mr. and Mrs. Gold as they pass him on the way to their respective jobs.

Later the same day, he is greeted by his half-sister, Morgane Morrison, who expresses shock at him still being in one place. He quips that he is offended as to not even warranting a hello, and then greets Morgane, informing her that he lives in the alleyway with permission from the Golds'.

She expresses happiness that William, at least, has somewhere to live. He inquires as to how her husband, Dominic, is. She replies that he is the same as ever and doesn't know that she is visiting William, thinking that she is at the store.

He climbs over the fence into the garden of Mr. Gold's mansion and breaks in, stealing milk for Morgane. She protests, but he says that Mr. Gold "won't mind" and asks if she should be going. She replies that she should be going and begins to speak; he interrupts her words by saying that he knows where to find her.

She kisses him on the cheek, comments that he needs a shave, and he shoos her away, waving down the drive after her. (Chapter 2)

After First Curse

For events occurring during the missing year, see Arthur Pendragon.

During Second Curse
After Second Curse
Before Third Curse
After Third Curse


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