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This article focuses on Alice's homeworld. For Cruella De Vil's homeworld, see 1920s England. For the Land Without Magic location, see London.
Victorian England
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First appearance: "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Latest appearance: "And They Lived..."

England. Although it hasn't exactly felt like home, lately.

Alice to Cyrus src

Victorian England is a world on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode of the first season.


For history of Victorian England, see here.


This is the list of all the former and current inhabitants of Victorian England.

  • Alice
  • Alice's daughter
  • Cyrus
  • The Doctors
  • Dr. Lydgate
  • Edwin
  • Millie
  • Mr. Darcy
  • Orderly 1
  • Orderly 2
  • Painter
  • Sarah

^: Former inhabitants
†: Deceased inhabitants
*: This inhabitant's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown


  • This world is separate from the Land Without Magic and 1920s England.
  • As opposed to the Land Without Magic, this world has magic.
  • Travelling to Victorian England can be accomplished by means of a door located in the Jefferson's hat as well as using Rabbit Holes.


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