This article, Stinky Pete, is property of Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson.

Stinky Pete
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Home: Maine
  • Toy (formerly)
  • Programmer
  • Physical Description
    Species: Toy (formerly)
    Hair color: White
    Eye color: Brown
    Show Information
    First appearance: "TBA"
    Latest appearance: "TBA"

    Stinky Pete the Prospector (or simply known as The Prospector as well as the Programmer). Stinky Pete is a vintage pull string toy from the 1950s, and inside his original box, his accessories include a pickaxe and a gold pan. He comes to life after Z'ev accidentally sprinkled Fairy Dust on him, and gave him similar magical powers to Z'ev after due to a cut that dropped blood on him as a toy, which was part of his abilities. However thanks to traveling across the Fictional Realm; he gained the power to bring fictional characters into the Real World.

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