Sprite Dust
General Information
Status: Existing
Origin: North Pole
Current Location: World of Nursery Rhymes
World of Christmas Carols
Physical Description
Type: Magical dust
Asteroid (formerly)
Usage Information
Created by:
Possessed by:
  • Varies
Used by:
  • Varies
Used on:
  • Varies
Used for: Creating human-sized living bodies for inanimate objects
Turning living creatures, and other objects into play-size toys.
Show Information
First appearance: "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
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Sprite Dust is magical dust that is used to creating living bodies of flesh from inanimate objects. I can only be obtained in the World of Nursery Rhymes, and World of Christmas Carols, as it was created from a different type of storybook, and different range of Authors. Due to it's power it usually stored by Santa, and used to turn certain creatures into toys.