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Sisters of Saint Meissa
Group of Characters
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Fairies
Status: Alive
Home: Convent of the Sisters of Saint Meissa
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Show Information
First appearance: "Dreamy"
Latest appearance: "The Final Battle Part 1"

Are the nuns still nuns? Or can they, you know, date?
—Dr. Whale to David Nolan

The Sisters of Saint Meissa, better known as Storybrooke Nuns, are several characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They début in the fourteenth episode of the first season.


For the history of the Sisters of Saint Meissa, see here.

Known NunsEdit


  • The nun convent logo on the "Miner's Day" banner (briefly seen in the background as Leroy makes the lights turn on and Astrid is heard saying, "Oh!") is a Budded Cross, which is characterized by three scalloped shapes at the end of each arm, which symbolize the Holy Trinity. It reads as "Sisters of Saint Meissa Dona Nobis Pacem MMDCXLVIII".
    • Dona nobis pacem is Latin for "Grant us peace", and is a phrase in the Agnus Dei section of the Roman Catholic mass.
    • Roman numerals MMDCXLVIII=2648.
    • Meissa is the name of a star in the constellation Orion. "Meissa" derives from the Arabic "Al-Maisan" which means "The Shining One".
      • Fairies, the nuns' counterparts in the Enchanted Forest, are closely related to stars. The Blue Fairy can be summoned by wishing upon a blue star and is also known by the name Reul Ghorm, which means "blue star" in Scots Gaelic and is also the real name of Mother Superior, the Blue Fairy's Storybrooke counterpart. The Black Fairy can similarly be summoned by an incantation that calls for the "dark star" to fall. While other fairies have not been given corresponding stars, Nova's name refers to "supernovas", an exploding star.
  • The Sisters of Saint Meissa seem to be similar to Roman Catholic Religious Sisters, which is evident such as: doing community service, referring by others and themselves as "Sister" and also having a Mother Superior who is in charge of them.
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold greatly dislikes nuns, as he does their counterparts, fairies. According to Mr. Gold, "Wherever there's injustice in the world, there's always a fairy".
  • In the original script, Mary Margaret was supposed to be one of the nuns.


  • The Sisters of Saint Meissa are featured in Once Upon a Time's Season One novelization, Reawakened: A Once Upon a Time Tale.

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