"Our past doesn't make us who we are today. It makes us the heroes of tomorrow" -Serena Grace Millicent   

Serena Grace Millicent (nee Mills) is the oldest child of Regina Mills and Robin Hood.

According to Rumpelstiltskin, she is destined to be The Guardian Of The Light, who one day, will demolish The Darkness permanently, this exact date is unknown. Because of this title, she has magical elemental powers that have not yet been discovered. Unknown to many people, because she is has the rare elemental powers, she can transform into a creature that represents that element.

Water = Mermaid

Fire = Dragon

Earth = Nymph

Air = Pegasus

5 years before The Guardian, she was forced into isolation, meaning she couldn’t communicate with the outside world.

Nicknames Edit

The Mayor's Daughter, Sera (Everyone)

My Emerald Eyed Angel (Derek)

Rena (Mason)

Princess (Henry Mills Sr.)

Reenie (Robin)

Mom (Angelica, Delilah, Isabella and Arrow)

Physical AppearanceEdit

According to Derek, at first, the only reason he fell in love with her, was because of her physical beauty. Robin often says that he can see only her mother's beauty in herself and barely anything of himself. She has her mother's raven black hair, which for Serena, is down to her waist. Her skin tone used to be a vampire white, but it tanned over time. She is much taller than the rest of her family, 5’11 to be exact and has a slight hourglass figure. Her full lips are a striking blood red. She has huge angel-like wings on her back.

Her most noticeable feature are her eyes. Her eyes are not dark chocolate like her mother's nor blue like her father's, instead, she has eyes of an emerald tree boa. Her eyes glow when she senses The Dark One's presence or when she's angry. Delilah describes the first time that she can remember when her mother was mad at her, "her eyes were as green as a lime. Her breathing was ragged. The next thing I saw, was a white and gold dragon, it was so much larger than Maleficent and Lily, so I assumed it was my mother. This scared me, I never wanted to see her like this again."


In her mermaid form, she looks the exact same from the waist up. From the waist downward, is covered in deep ruby/blood colored scales and her bikini top is also red. She wears a gold chain at her waist and a black sea-silk wrap and skirt. This is the only of her magical appearances that doesn't use the white-gold color scheme.

In her dragon form, she is gold and white. (See picture to the right).

Her nymph appearance is the same as her human appearance. She wears an emerald green dress with gold embrodiery. She has a crown of white roses in her hair and carries a basket of fruits.

Her Pegasus appearance also has a gold and white color scheme. (See below dragon image).



Serena comes from a large family, immediate and extended. She is the eldest of the Hood-Mills clan and is the eldest of the offspring in the 3rd generation of the Mills family and Hood family. After her mother, Serena will inherit the throne. Robin‘s side of the family is unknown.


Derek Millicent - Husband

Angelica Catherine Millicent - Eldest Daughter

Delilah Jane Millicent - Daughter

Isabella Celeste Millicent - Daughter

Arrow Olivia Millicent - Youngest Daughter


Henry Mills Sr. - Grandfather

Cora Mills - Grandmother

Anita - Aunt*

Unknown - Uncle**

Ruby Lucas**

Maleficent - Aunt*

Zorro - Deceased Uncle***

Lilith Page - Cousin***

Zelena - Aunt*

Chad - Uncle****

Diana - Cousin****

Snow White/Mary Margaret - Aunt*

Prince Charming/David Nolan - Uncle*****

Emma Swan - Cousin*****

Killian Hook - Serena’s cousin’s husband

Hope Swan - Second Cousin******

Regina Mills - Mother*

Robin Hood - Father

Henry Mills - Brother

Ella Mills - Sister-In-Law*******

Lucy and Ivy - Nieces*******

Roland Hood - Youngest Brother

Caroline Mills - Younger Sister

Rick Nixonia - Brother-in-Law********

Mason - Nephew********

*Anita, Maleficent, Zelena, Snow White and Regina are biological sisters. Anita is the eldest, then Maleficent, then Zelena, then Regina and finally, Snow White.

**Ruby is Anita’s daughter with unknown.

***Lily is Maleficent‘s daughter with the deceased Zorro.

****Diana is Zelena’s daughter with Chad.

*****Emma Swan is Snow White‘s daughter with Charming.

******Hope Swan is Emma‘s daughter with Hook.

*******Henry is married to Ella and they have Lucy and Ivy.

********Caroline married Rick, then 2 years later, they had Mason.

Relationships Edit

Derek: Serena and Derek have been friends since they were 7. They were always friendly with each other, often playing games with each other and her siblings. Derek is the son of the late captain of the guards, so they often saw each other. It wasn't until her 13th birthday that they saw and felt something for each other. When Serena was told that she was destined for a high title in the future, thinking that she could not handle it, she ran out of the room, crying. About in the middle of the night, Derek heard her crying in the garden. He went out to comfort her, and their relationship grew from there. When she told him about being pregnant with their firstborn, Angelica, his love for her only grew stronger. They have a very happy marriage, but life has tested them many times. An example is when the broke up when they were 16 and Serena was engaged, nearly married to Peter Richardson, who broke her heart and Derek took her back. Since then, they have both hated Peter.

Angelica: This mother-daughter relationship is extremely strained. Angelica, being the average young woman, often disrespecting her mother. She's competitive but kind and a bit overprotective of her younger sisters. She got her overprotectiveness from her mother, who is also the oldest of 4. She likes to dance and is on the Storybrooke High dance team.

Delilah: Delilah and Serena used to have a very relaxed bond. They don't get into arguments very often and understand each other quite well. Out of the 4, she is Derek's favorite of the bunch. Delilah is friendly, a bit tricky, outspoken.Is a motorcyclist, likes to refinish old cars, has a thing for leather. Serena doesn't like this side of her, but she comes in handy when the car breaks down, so she's okay with this side of Delilah staying around.

Isabella: Even though Serena says that she doesn't have favorites between her daughters, her favorite is Bella. Bella's sweet, silly and fun but childish and immature. Serena says to keep her humor, fun personality and sweetness and to lose the childish acting. Bella once asked Angelica about this, her sister responded with, "She spent her whole childhood, acting like an adult. Because of great-grandmother Cora, she never had very much fun. Unless it was with Dad, the uncles and the aunt. So cut her some slack, she had to mentally mature a lot faster than you're having to.''

Arrow: Arrow is favored by her grandfather, Robin Hood. They get along quite nicely, Robin taught her archery when she was 5. Arrow wears a silver chain and ruby heart shaped necklace (That she got from her mother’s old jewelry box) under her clothing, although no one knows that she took it. She is a tomboy and she and her mother, before she accepted that she and Arrow were so different, used to get into fights. Their fights were so frequent, even more than Angelica and Serena. In The Guardian, it is revealed that Arrow has been battling Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy since she was 13. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is when a part of the heart abnormally thickens.

Robin and Regina: Serena and her parents are in good terms. They have a relaxed bond, but Serena's title, Guardian of Light, has prevented them from seeing each other often. Regina favors Angelica, while Robin favors Arrow. Serena says that she named Arrow, in honor of her father.

Henry, Roland and Caroline: The siblings have a slight strained relationship. Growing up, Roland would be the one who would fight with Serena and Henry with Caroline. Whenever all 4 of them were fighting at the same time, Regina says, "The palace would become a madhouse!" They have the classic sibling bond, they love each other, but get into fights often. Since she is the oldest, Serena mentions she was slightly rough with her siblings and was bossy to them. When Caroline met Rick, Sera disapproved, so Caroline had to work hard to get her approval on him.

Lucy, Ivy and Mason: Mason is Caroline's son. Lucy and Ivy are Henry's daughters. Lucy and Serena have a very good relationship.Her middle name is Serena. Lucy once asked her father about this, he said "When you mother was in labor, she almost died. She had no trouble with Ivy, it was you. Your aunt, she thought quickly. She brought the healing water from Avalon, which cured your mother. She will forever be in our debt. Your mother decided to name you after her. That's how you became Lucy Serena Mills." Mason and Serena's relationship is very relaxed. Mason is the only one who may call "Serena" by his nickname for her, Rena. Ivy and Serena aren't very close.

Ella and Rick : Ella is Henry's wife and Rick is Caroline's husband. Ella and Serena are very close and have a lot of the same parenting techniques. She almost died giving birth to Lucy, but was saved by her sister-in-law, so to honor her, she named her daughter after her. Serena used to disapprove highly of Rick until she saw him save her sister from The Darkness. Then Serena saw how much he loved her and allowed them to be together.

Emma, Ruby, Lilith and Diana: Ruby is Anita's daughter, Lilith, or Lily is the daughter of Maleficent, or Mal and Diana is Zelena's daughter. They all were best friends growing up. Serena is closest with Ruby and they are inseparable. Lily and Serena often fight, but always make up. Lily helped Serena adjust to being a dragon, because she is one herself. Serena and Diana have an strange bond. Diana is a little ditzy while Sera was in college level math in their freshman year of high school. Diana has recently become noticeably less of an airhead, but still has her dumb moments. Serena and Emma aren't super close, but they treat each other nicely.

Killain Hook and Hope Swan: Hook is Emma’s husband, they have a daughter, Hope. Hope is adopted. After they found out that Emma couldn’t have children, they were devastated. On 1 cold day, when Sera and Emma were walking, she heard crying. It was a malnourished baby Hope. Sera and Emma took the baby to the hospital, which saved her life, because if she was in the cold air malnourished any longer, she could've died. With Regina's permission, she allowed Emma to have full custody of the babe. Emma named her Hope because "She survived, in the cold, alone. She's a fighter, she has the personality in which, she could bring people hope in their darkest times.” Killian and Serena have a way of getting under each other’s skin.

Snow White, Maleficent, Zelena and Anita: They are Regina's 3 older sisters and 1 younger sister. Serena, Henry, Roland and Caroline's aunts. Serena is the only child of Regina that is on their "good" side. However, Snow likes all of the kids.

Cora and Henry Sr.: Serena and her grandparents are in very good terms. When she was a child, Cora often forced her eldest granddaughter to "be proper" and "act like a lady". This got her far in life, everyone saying that she's the sweetest person anyone would meet. This came with serious consequences though. Serena never had very much fun with her grandmother. Henry Sr. was the exact opposite with her. He let her ride horses, have seconds on desert and explore the forest near their estate. Both of them have help Sera become the woman she is today, strong, beautiful and kind.

Peter: Peter was Serena's boyfriend for a very short time. They met after Serena and Derek broke up. They were engaged for 5 days and nearly married before Derek came to her rescue.


She has what Derek calls, “the heart of an angel”. She is extremely kind and is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Before Derek got to know her, he only has a crush on her because of her physical beauty. She is sweet as sugar and very outgoing. She‘s the planner of very ball and any event that requires glittering gowns and tiaras. For her family, immediate and extended, she's willing to sacrifice anything for them. Angelica says "She's an extremely devoted mother. She's willing to pay The Price, for us". She loves her 4 daughters dearly, even though they drive her crazy often. Arrow describes the first time they all saw their mother use magic, "There was a Fury coming for us. Angelica and Delilah screamed, sweeping me and Bella away. Mom barked for Grandpa Robin to get us inside the palace. She blasted that creepy thing like it was nobody's business. I felt honored, knowing she would protect us at all costs.” According to Roland, she has a “competitive fire in her”.

She has a temper of a dragon, because she is a dragon. Whenever she is mad, her eyes are like 2 glowing green orbs and whenever she calls you by your full name, it’s like the end of your life. Bella says, “It’s like a monster in Jimmy Choos and Prada.” When she gets like this, the best thing to do is stay away until the fireballs stop.

Because of her important title, she is often forced into isolation and she hates this. The only ones who know about this are Henry, Roland, Caroline, Derek and her daughters. She is the leader of The Council of Light. This Council is near identical to The Elders in the novel, The Giver. The Council is made up of high-level sorcerers and sorceresses. It is on rare occasions that The Council has to summon The Guardian, but when they do, it's usually a problem she can fix. There is a very rare occasion that it is a problem she can't fix. A current event/example is The Darkness invading the United Realms.

Magical Abilities Edit

Being the highest person on the Light side with magic, she posses very rare magical abilities.

Powers Of Water:

Hydrokinesis is the elemental ability to create, control and manipulate water in liquid state. It varies in molding water in an unlimited variety of shapes, and multiply water molecules, causing liquid to expand, creating even more water. With this ability, mermaids can mold the water in air at will, taking any desired form, whether it's simple water orbs to giant three-headed snakes. They can control the water pressure, hardening water enough to be used as a knife strong enough to slice through solid rock.

Cryokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate ice. With this ability, mermaids can freeze anything without the presence of liquid water, create solid ice and make it snow. This also means that Sera can freeze things containing water as well.

Hydro-Thermokinesis is the elemental power to heat and boil water and all things that contain water. With this power, mermaid can heat and boil water. This may symbolize pressure, tension and the amount of heat needed to boil water.

Gelidkinesis is the power to turn water into a gelatin-like compound.

Substanciakinesis is the power to turn water into a substance similar to crystal or glass, rendering it indestructible (unlike ice, that would eventually melt away or break). The effects of this ability can vary. When ever a drinking glass, wine glass etc. breaks, she always asks for a bucket of water and uses Hydrokinesis to form the shape of it, then hardens it with Substanciakinesis. Since it is so useful, Regina made the kids break every glass thing in the palace, even the windows, so Serena could make everything glass into this substance. The substance is break-proof, bullet-proof and fire-proof.

Limited Transformation is the ability to turn into mermaids to have contact with water. When a mermaid is completely dry, their tails transform into human legs. Ten seconds after touching water, they will revert back to their true forms. All clothing, including tops, accessories and watches are absorbed by the mermaids and vanish during their transformation.

Siren Singing is a musical/voice-related magical ability that allows a mermaid to put a men into an irresistible, hypnotic trance in which he will follow them wherever they go. Some natural mermaids have this ability, however, it is not possessed by all mermaids.

Speed-Swimming is the ability that all merpeople are shown to have. It is one of the most used merperson abilities in. It allows them to swim at the speed of 600 km/h. Their body is encased in bubbles and use it as a jet stream to swim faster.

Powers of Air:

Aerokinesis is the power to manipulate and control the wind and the air. Mermaids can levitate people with the air. This is very similar to it's evil counterpart, Neck Snapping.

Atmokinesis is the power to control the weather, particularly storms. With this elemental power, mermaids can change and manipulate the various aspects of weather at will.

Advanced Electrokinesis is the ability to shoot extremely powerful beams of concentrated electricity. This is an highly advanced form of Electrokinesis.

Tecnopathy: The ability to manipulate technology.

Powers of Fire:

*Pyrokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate fire. With this ability, a mermaid can easily start and put out fires. This is one of the few biological powers that Sera inherited from her mother.  

Fire Breath: The ability to breath fire. Not much is known about this power, except that all dragons possess it.

Powers of The Earth:

Geokinesis is a rare elemental magical power allowing the users to control and/or manipulate all forms of earth, such as sand, minerals and rocks. Users can use this power to create earthquakes and fissures and tear the earth open to swallow enemies. They can also remove rocks from the earth and use them as a platform to fly on.

*Phytokinesis: The ability to manipulate all forms of foliage at will.

he Basic Powers:

*Teleportation The ability to teleport to another time/location.

Invisibility Detection is the ability to see invisible people

*Telekinesis is the ability to move objects and people with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye.With this power, the user can levitate objects, hold an object in place, pull objects towards the user, push objects away from the user, and alter an object's directional course. Serena say this power is "for the lazy people.''

X-Ray Vision is rare ability that allows the user to see through solid objects and matter.

Voice Echo is the ability to project one's voice in another location without actually being present.

*Potion Making is the power to brew potions with magical properties. It is one of the basic powers possessed by Witches and Warlocks, as well as several other magical beings, including practitioners. Only those who possess magical power will be able to brew potions with magical properties, as potions created by mortals will not be infused with magic.

Flight, more commonly referred to as flying, is the ability to defy gravity and propel oneself through the air at tremendous speeds and heights. Self-propelled flight is by far the fastest way to fly to one's desired destination without having to teleport all the way there.

Force Fields are magical barriers used to protect one from physical and magical attacks. The ability to create force fields is often referred to as Shielding. This power is very rare and is only possessed by a few magical beings, who can be either good or evil. Force fields can be shaped into various forms, though a sphere or bubble is the most common. They can shield the user from both physical and magical attacks. They can either deflect a magical attack back to the enemy, or absorb and neutralize the magic. They can also be used to capture and contain an individual or seal off a room or area.

High Resistance is the passive ability to be resistant to attacks by weapons, or magic, or powers of other magical beings. This trait allows users to survive attacks that are otherwise lethal. It also grants users protection against their own powers.

*Energy Beams are potentially deadly beams of energy that can have a different appearance and effect depending on their origin and user. These beams can be used to harm with pure force or burn through heat. They could also be used to cause an object to combust as well. This power is often triggered through the hands, but can also be used with weapons.

*Healing is an ability to restore an individual to full health or an object to pristine condition. The trigger for this power is love, its evil counterpart power is hate. Serena wrote in her diary that "It comes in handy when you have 4 daughters and they're all stuck with the flu"

Super Strength is the ability to have and exert a level of physical strength much greater than that of a normal person. Beings with this ability are stronger, tougher and more physically durable than normal humans.

*Conjuration is the ability to materialize imaginary objects and beings at will. This power is channeled through both the mind and the hands and triggered by focus or imagination. The effects of this power vary between users such as a light, a flash of light, puff of smoke, or orbs. Conjuration can also be achieved through Spell Casting and sometimes a spell is required to activate this power.

Unknown Category:

Photokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate light. With the exception of its first appearance, this power is usually demonstrated by controlling orbs of light, rather than manipulating actual light.

Enhanced Senses is the ability to possess one or more senses that are amplified beyond their regular function. Because of her dragon DNA, she possesses enhanced hearing, sight and smell.

*Glamouring is the ability to change one's appearance to look like another person, though it can also be used to change a person's age or clothing. It can be an independent power or accessed with a spell. Serena is extremely advanced with this power, making it seem like she is the person, by knowing what they like and knowing deep dark secrets.

All of these powers and their skills come from the Charmed, or H20 Just Add Water wikis

* means that they are hereditary and she got them from Regina.

Biography TimelineEdit

Before Time - Serena’s destiny would be that she would be the last Guardian. The last one to fight and banish Darkness.

February 27th 1952 - The United Realms are created

May 3rd 1955 - Serena Grace Millicent is born

August 15th 1957 - Henry, Serena’s younger brother is born

July 8th 1960 - Caroline and Roland, Serena’s youngest siblings are born. Caroline and Roland are also twins, Caroline the younger by 2 minutes.


May 3rd 1968 - Serena’s 13th birthday. She learns that she is The Guardian, destined to fight and protect. This also marks the first time Sera and Derek held hands.

May 4th 1968 - Serena begins training in magic, sword fighting and all the things she’ll need to be The Guardian. She learns all this from The Council of Light.


February 22nd 1990 - Serena and Derek marry, after spending an amazing childhood together.

November 2nd 1996 - Birth of Sera and Derek's first daughter, Angelica

October 31st 1998- Birth of Delilah

December 23rd 2000 - Birth of Isabella

June 7th 2002 - Birth of Arrow

July 15th 2013 - Arrow is diagonosed with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Appearances Edit

The Guardian Trilogy:

Book 1: The Guardian

Book 2: Pure Light to Darkness

Book 3: Painting Over Scars

Spinoffs and Sequels:

The Arrow Diaries

Role Plays:

The Mystery in Millicent Manor

Quotes Edit

"Our past doesn't make us who we are today, it makes us the heroes of tomorrow."

"You can’t play death, life or destiny, it just happens."

"No loss, no change, not even the face of death, can end love. Love lasts forever."

"What is the greater crime, stealing, or allowing innocents to die?"

"Never use fists to solve conflict."

"Picture this. A man, a woman, an awful relationship. Then, that relationship comes to a screeching halt, then this man comes in to save the woman from it and they get married and have kids." (To her daughters, who don't know that it was about with her relationship with Peter.)

"I can't decide on what to do. Punch you, kick you or bite you. Either way, I'll be satisfied!" (To Peter)

"You're nuttier than a pecan pie at Thanksgiving!" (Mostly to Henry. But it could go to anyone who gets a numb idea)

"Do you want to see this face *makes a circluar motion around face* get mad?" (To someone who ticks her off)

"I hate Limited Transformation." (When someone spills water on her on accident and she turns into a mermaid)

"Did I conjure that?" (When she uses Conjuration and conjures something useless)

Trivia Edit

Serena has a birthmark on her lower back. The birthmark is the symbols of the classical elements in a circle.

Serena loves to sew, as a child and even now as a grown woman, she loves fashion sketching, sewing and designing. Angelica say "That the fabric comes alive at her fingertips. She can make any dress, handmade or designer look beautiful with one touch."

Has a ring that is made of simple gold. Carved into the gold are, an arrow (Robin), a crown (Regina), a heart made of fire (Her), a book (Henry), a bow to go with the arrow, (Roland) and angel wings (Caroline). Her parents gave them to her and her siblings, "So if they went their separate ways, they'd still remember each other."

Loves the old Hollywood movies like To Catch A Thief and Gone With The Wind.

Used to ride a motorcycle that Derek gave to her for her 15th birthday. Now she's too swept up with life for time to take it for a spin, Delilah rides it now and enjoys it. Once a month, she and Delilah take the motorcycle for a ride, Serena shows Delilah all the dangerous things she used to do on it.

Derek thinks her body is made out of elastic. She can do complicated flips, spins and handsprings. She used to take gymnastics so maybe that's why. Has the lithe body type, her figure is more on the hourglass shape.

Favorite book is Miracles From Heaven

In high school, she was the Valedictorian and Head Cheerleader.

She is very musically inclined. According to Derek, she can sing like an angel. She also plays the acoustic guitar, flute and piano.

Favorite song is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri