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Savannah Eva Ruth Nolan
Biographical Information
Counterpart: Unknown if any
Alias: The one with the golden heart
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Birthdate: June 17
  • Somewhere in Boston (Formerly, in the foster system)
  • Storybrooke
  • Student
  • Intern at Granny's Diner
  • To see relatives go to Family
Physical Description
Species: Magical Human
Hair color: Dirty dishwater blond
Eye color: blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: TBA
First appearance: "Pilot"

Savannah Eva Ruth Nolan is a young teen in Storybrooke. She debuts in the first episode on the run from her abusive current foster family. There is no known counterpart for her.

History Edit

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Family Edit

Appearances Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Her full name is Savannah Eva Ruth Nolan.
    • Her first name (Savannah Eva) and middle name (Ruth) were the only things she had any traces of from her parents.
    • The last-name Nolan comes from her adoptive parents; Snow White/Mary Margret Nolan and David Nolan.
  • She was very motherly to the other orphans in the foster system.