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First appearance: "Child of the Moon"
Latest appearance: "Into the Deep"
When people fall under a sleeping curse, the soul travels to a Netherworld, where it resides until awoken. Now, this world is between life and death, and it’s very real. However, even when the curse is broken, sometimes, in sleep, the victims find their way back to that world. Victims like you.
Mr. Gold to Henry Mills src

The Netherworld is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the seventh episode of the second season.


For history of the Netherworld, see here.


For detailed location information, please see the list of Netherworld locations.


This is the list of all the former and current prisoners of Netherworld.

^: Former prisoners
†: Deceased prisoners
*: This prisoner's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown


  • According to Mr. Gold, the Netherworld is between life and death.
  • The Netherworld can be accessed by being under a sleeping curse or having the short term "side effect" of falling asleep and returning to the same world after being awoken from a sleeping curse.
  • The computer-generated imagery model used for the Netherworld is recycled from the model created for the Dark Castle great hall, foyer and vault. This can easily be seen from the identical design of the columns and archways. The same model is used for the Rear Reading Room in the New York Public Library in "Only You".


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