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Lost Boys
Group of Characters
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: Neverland
Origin: Enchanted Forest
Land Without Magic
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Show Information
First appearance: "And Straight On 'Til Morning"
Latest appearance: "Awake"

Boys who feel unloved. Boys who feel lost. That's what I'll call my new group of friends. The Lost Boys!
—Peter Pan to Rumplestiltskin

The Lost Boys, also known as the Lost Ones, are characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They début in the twenty-second episode of the second season.

They are based on the group of characters from the same name from the play Peter Pan. They also take place of the attracted children from the legend of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.


For the history of the Lost Boy, see here.

Known Lost BoysEdit


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