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Dark One's Dagger
General Information
Status: Existing
Origin: Camelot
Current Location: Storybrooke
Physical Description
Type: Cursed weapon
Part of Excalibur (formerly)
Color: Black and silver
Silver (formerly)
Usage Information
Created by:
  • Merlin †
Possessed by:
Used by:
Used on:
    • August Booth
  • Emma Swan
  • Hordor †
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
  • Peter Pan †
  • Prior Dark Ones
  • Hordor's Soldiers
  • Merlin †
  • Sorcerer's Hat
  • Zoso †
  • Zelena
Used for: Binding the Darkness to a human soul
Acquisition of magical power
Controlling the Dark One
Killing the Dark One
Show Information
First appearance: "Desperate Souls"
Latest appearance: "Her Handsome Hero"
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The Dark One's Dagger is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eighth episode of the first season.


For history of the Dark One's Dagger, see here.

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Known UsersEdit


  • The importance of the knowing name on the dagger is a play on the original Rumpelstiltskin fairytale, when he made a deal with the miller's daughter to discover his name.
  • Cora refers to the dagger as a "Kris Dagger". A kris is a prized Indonesian weapon known for its distinctive, wavy blade. They are considered to be spiritual objects.
  • If the Dark One is killed without the use of the dagger, he or she will expel the powers of the Dark One into the air after death without anyone else being next in line as the next Dark One, therefore ending the curse.
  • In "Family Business", Belle is wearing a dagger-printed scarf.
  • The design is based on ritualistic Indonesian knives.
  • Throughout the series, the written letters of the Dark One's name keeps switching from one side of the blade to the other. Sometimes, the letters are right side up when the dagger is held in the right hand and facing the wielder with the first letter at the tip of the blade. At other times, the writing is right side up when the dagger is facing the wielder and held in the left hand with the first letter next to the hilt.


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

  • Hook's tattoo in "Tallahassee" shows the dagger embedded through a heart.
  • The Dagger appears on the page of Samuel's book in "Out of the Past".