Charming Chronicles is an American TV fantasy/drama series, written by R. E. Mason, and it's part of the ABC Family.


The series is an anthology show, in which each season a fairy tale is retold with a modern twist. The first season narrates the story of Cinderella, as confirmed by the executive producers. It was also reported in December 2015 that the first season would be composed of 15 episodes. The casting for the main characters started on January 9, 2016.

Cast and charactersEdit

None of the characters have been casted yet, but the descriptions have been released:

  • Ella Patterson, our Cinderella. Ella is strong, brave, and a good girl at the beginning of the series. She has been living the life every single little girl wants, along with her older brother Jack. But when things change, she's the strongest of them all.
  • Victoria Hamilton, our Wicked Stepmother. Victoria is a cold, fancy woman, who knows everything about everyone. She's a totally new version of the stepmother, this time, you will even fall in love with her. She starts as the meanest woman in the whole world, but as the story develops you get to understand (maybe not forgive, though) why is she the way she is.
  • Shanice Windy, our Fairy Godmother. Shanice appears until the very middle of the show, as Ella's best friend. Shanice is unique, cool, and sassy, the best friend every girl wants. She wears a lot of pastel purple. She will stand for Ella against anything or anyone.
  • Paul Broderick, our Prince Charming. Paul is the younger son of the town's mayor, and he's just as charming as an actual prince. Fit, handsome, and good-hearted. He's the most popular boy at school, and every girl wants him. He doesn't feel that charming, though. He's always positive and trying to help people.
  • Damon Broderick, Paul's older brother. Damon is the coolest kid in town, a rebel without a cause. Damon is in love with Ella, or that's something that will happen later in the season.
  • Jack Patterson
  • Annalise Hamilton
  • Grace Hamilton
  • Charles Broderick
  • Rose Anne Broderick
  • Walter Patterson
  • Christine Patterson