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Camelot is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon A Time. It first appears in the second episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

Camelot is ruled by Uther Pendragon who marries Lady Igraine de Bois. Around the same time as their marriage, Uther has an affair with Igraine's sister, Lady Vivienne, and fathers a child. Vivienne, to hide the child from her sister, went into exile with her upkeep, and that of the child's, paid for by Uther.

After two years of marriage and with no sign of an heir, Igraine is examined by the physician of Camelot who gives his judgment: she is barren.

Uther is furious, not with Igraine - for the truth was kept from her too - but with her father. In return for giving him a barren wife, Uther makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin to allow her to conceive an heir and for her father to die in place of the child. All magic, however, comes with a price as Rumplestiltskin warns: conceiving a life by magic means one must be taken in return. Uther, already knowing this, brushes Rumplestiltskin off and agrees to the deal.

Within weeks of the deal being made, Igraine conceives a child and gives birth successfully. Two and a half years later, she conceives another child - however, Rumplestiltskin's deal with Uther was worded in a specific way; the deal did not say which heir would be conceived in exchange for which life - there was no guarantee that Igraine's father would die in exchange for the baby's life.

After giving birth to her second child, Igraine dies. Knowing that the child was conceived by magic and that Uther was the one to make the deal, Igraine's brother, Tristan, challenges Uther to a duel. Uther wins and Tristan dies, but not before assuring Uther that he will return to have his vengeance.

Blaming Igraine's death on magic, Uther bans magic from Camelot and kills all magic users; the only one spared is Lady Vivienne, for she is the mother of Uther's child.

Over the years, Arthur and Alexander-Eduard grow up happily and loved by their father, though Arthur is most definitely Uther's favourite.

After many years away from court, Morgan - Uther's illegitimate child with lady Vivienne - arrives in Camelot and her parentage is revealed to Arthur and Alexander-Eduard, who accept her into the family.

On Arthur's eighteenth birthday, Uther dies and Arthur becomes King, marrying his fiancé, Guinevere Leodegrance.

Within months of marriage Guinevere cheats on Arthur with his brother, after slipping Alexander-Eduard a will disabling potion. When caught, Guinevere is executed and Alexander-Eduard is exiled.

After months in exile Alexander-Eduard returns and usurps the throne from Arthur, locking him up in the dungeons; with Morgan's help, Arthur escapes and Alexander-Eduard is, through meddling from Morgan, unable to catch either of his siblings.

Months later, when the Enchanted Forest is engulfed by the Dark Curse, Camelot escapes through means unknown to the inhabitants.

Before Second Curse