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This article focuses on the group of characters who held the title of "Author". For the corrupted Author, see Isaac Heller. For the current author, see Henry Mills.

Group of Characters
Biographical Information
Status: Existing
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Show Information
First appearance: "Best Laid Plans"
Latest appearance: "The Final Battle Part 2"

There have been many Authors throughout time; it's a job, not a person. And the one trapped in here was just the last tasked with the great record; to witness the greatest stories of all time and record them for posterity.
—August to Emma

The Authors are a group of characters featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time . They début in the sixteenth episode of the fourth season.


For history of Authors, see here.

Known AuthorsEdit

Fan Fiction Authors Edit

  • Nick Jr. (Author of Nursery Rhymes and Christmas Carols)


  • August states that the job of the Author "goes back eons from the man who watched shadows dance across cave walls and developed an entire philosophy". This is a reference to the Greek philosopher Plato, and his Allegory of the Cave.
  • August names one man who held the position as Walt. This is a direct reference to Walt Disney, the famed American cartoonist, animator, film producer, and the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966, the same date on the letter the Apprentice sent to Isaac Heller. The Apprentice mentions how the last Author just passed away.
  • If an Author writes their own happy ending, the person will be demoted from the title of the Author; the quill will lose its power.
  • Under normal circumstances, an Author is unable to use the quill to bring somebody back from the dead, according to Mr. Gold, Isaac and the Apprentice. However, the Apprentice explains that the rules are more flexible down in the Underworld, after warning Henry not to resurrect Cruella De Vil.


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.