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19th Century France
General Information
Character Affiliations
  • Butler
  • Baron Danglars †
  • Count of Monte Cristo † (formerly)
  • Partygoer #1
  • Partygoer #2
  • Evil Queen
Show Information
Appears in: "A Bitter Draught"

19th Century France is a location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the second episode of the sixth season.

19th Century France is based on France in the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.



  • It is unknown if 19th Century France is a Fairy Tale Land realm or a world of its own.
  • The CGI model used for the interior of the Count of Monte Cristo's estate is recycled from the model used for the library in Maurice's Castle in "Her Handsome Hero". This can, for example, be seen from the identical design on the Solomonic columns (columns characterized by a spiraling twisting shaft like a corkscrew) and the windows, and the curved ceiling, which is very similar to the ceiling in Maurice's library.


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